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OFFICE DISCIPLINE REFERRAL FORM Student: Grade: Referring Staff: Location: Classroom # Hallway Lobby/Cafeteria Date: Parking Lot Library Auditorium/Assembly Problem Behavior Minor: MINORS: Aggression/harassment
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A student who is not enrolled in an office-sponsored program but who is currently enrolled in the college or school and who is assigned a faculty, staff, or student member from one or more of the campuses in which the faculty member or staff member works. A member of the faculty, staff, or student body who is a victim of or witness to behavior that is detrimental to the health and safety of another person. A member of the faculty, staff, or student body who has experienced a traumatic event. A member of the faculty, staff, or student body whose participation in the program may be jeopardized by a finding of harassment. Students may submit a written request to be considered for membership, including the student's identity. Students may also request an advisory opinion. Faculty members appointed to investigate potential reports of harassment will determine whether the allegations of harassment and any evidence supporting those allegations meet the following requirements: A student or staff member who is a witness to a significant incident of harassment in which evidence suggests that the harassment was made as part of a campaign of harassment directed at a specific individual, or a significant percentage of members of the campus community who are members of that group, must provide a statement to the committee. Faculty members will examine each allegation of harassment against a student or employee individually. Faculty members may not consider sexual harassment in the same report. Faculty members will not consider any act of harassment on the basis of the following characteristics when determining whether the incidents meet the definition of harassment: sexual orientation; gender; gender expression; age; disability; military veteran status; or sexual preference. The committee will be responsible for identifying appropriate disciplinary action to be taken as appropriate by an office-sponsored discipline program. The committee is also responsible for reviewing the findings of the office-sponsored discipline program. The committee will consider a number of factors when determining whether criminal charges should be initiated, the extent of criminal liability, and whether charges have been brought.
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Instructions and Help about pbis referral form
In an effort to spend more time and discussion and less time presenting data I'm going to make some videos that you'll then follow up with a survey on, and we'll use that data to discuss things at staff meetings the first one we're going to look at is office discipline data from the previous year you can see in the chart below the odds or office discipline referrals for the year the largest section 81 for disruptive behavior the other high sections are for fighting physical contact and insubordinate behavior nothing also makes up a large section that means that no referral was tagged if you're not sure how to tag an incident or an infraction code watch the previous video that I posted on how to log that in harmony 3 there was one category that I left out of for purposes of making the chart look better and that's the number of tarries last year there were two hundred and thirty-two tarries of the 477 total odds that made up a huge percentage of the office discipline referrals this chart shows a similar breakdown just in a different form again our largest area of odd are being the disruptive behavior the next chart shows the cost-effectiveness of maximizing our time in the classroom teaching students and minimizing the time outside the classroom again average instructional menace lost per referral that's teacher managed is 15 minutes the average time you're spending on each referral is 10 minutes now those aren't even reflected in this number here, so we know that we're spending a lot of time more time that when we would like managing student behavior and part of the PBIS the push for that is to try to find more effective ways to deal with behavior and minimize the amount of time you're spending on that major referrals that's when students are sent to the office or when the office is dealing with things 20 minutes per student referral and the administrator is spending on average 25 minutes now of course some of those are rather quick maybe a tardy doesn't take very long others take a lot of time let's take a look at some more totals for our school 2.6 office referrals per day 52 per month 477 for the year and 23 students account for forty-seven percent of the office referrals, so you can see a very small fraction of the student population is accounting for many our referral so again learning how to effectively manage those students is really important this is a PBIS chart that I plugged in our information from we've got 355 students actually now, but it's close enough the ideal breakdown is eighty percent here fifteen percent here and three to five percent here, so you can see that most of our students are doing pretty well eighty-two percent we're right on even a little above or would like to be here we'd like to see fifteen percent, so we're a little below in this area, and you can see that we again make up for that and the students who have six or more incidents that's that 23 students were we're taking up a lot of our a lot of our time this is...


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